Our Promise: Full Internal Control or your money is refunded. No questions asked.

Is it Time for Effective Condominium Financial Management?

Focused on your condominium's financial health.

About C.O.R.E.'s Acclarit Condominium Management

It's All About the Money

You've heard the horror stories and we have audited them. 

Managers stealing.  Treasurers buying furniture.  Manager's bringing in their own companies instead of requesting competitive bids.  Your financial reports don't make sense and management doesn't seem to care.

We think it is time to change that.  

C.O.R.E.'s Acclarit Condominium Management Service is all about safeguarding your money and making it work for your community.   Our mission is simple:  We put accountability back into condominium financial and accounting management.

First, we provide strong, effective controls and oversight of your condominium's funds.  Our guarantee: If your auditor ever finds a material weakness to the internal control system we will fully refund the annual fees paid to us.  

Second, the accounting management is always accurate and done according to GAAP. Our guarantee: If your auditor ever finds an account that needs adjusting and they must make the journal entry, we will refund you the cost for their time in providing that adjustment.

Third, we prepare the full annual financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles as part of the fees you pay.  We will provide the auditor all the schedules they need and answer their questions - all at no additional cost.

C.O.R.E.'s Acclarit condominium management services are perfectly suited to self-managed condominium associations who want professional financial management while still having their hands on maintenance and complince.  We handle the finances so you can focus on your association.

Our Experience

With over 15 years auditing condominium management on behalf of association boards, we have heard you. Your frustrations, your concerns, your feeling left out of the decisions which impact your community.   Who gets hired and how payments are made appear to exist in a black hole where you are unwanted.  

You are absolutely right that the budget is not a guideline but a hard and fast spending limit on management.  But, replacing outsourced management with a bookkeeper on staff is not the right solution, although it is an understandable reaction to what you feel is going on.

The solution is not hiring bookkeepers or living with the same old community management approach.  We created the Acclarit approach to meet your demand for strong internal controls designed to safeguard  your association's money. Our process provides a fully documented financial management system for today's busy condominium boards.   We help you engage the right professionals, make sure their work is complete the way you want and then ensure they are paid timely and accurately.   All fully transparent to the board so you, and your neighbors can feel confident in the results.

Talk to us today about how we can support your financial management, investment strategy and desire for full accountability.

Why Us?

As the board of a self-managed condominium association, you want only one thing really; that at the end of the day your funds are treated with the utmost respect.  Your members want to know that every dollar is spent appropriately and there is accountability.  This is what we offer.  You don't need an employee, you need a dedicated, highly skilled team of accountants who understand the importance of effective control systems and putting safeguards in place to protect your money.

With extensive backgrounds in auditing the financial statements for condominium and homeowner associations, we are experienced in knowing where things breakdown and what processes management must have in place to protect your neighbors money.  We designed Acclarit to provide the highest level of security to protect your funds and help you maintain your condominium community.  Talk to us today about putting our expertise to work for you.

And we are understand how important it is to comply with your bylaws and state condominium law - especially when it comes to the audit.  While we are professionally prohibited from auditing any association we perform management services for, you can rely upon us to fully respond to your selected auditor's questions and requests for documentation.  We believe in complete transparency and want the audit to be smooth and effective for you and your condominium community owners.

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